Module 3: What is the research process?

1. Watch This Video

2. What will you learn in this Module?

In Module 3 of READI, you will learn more in details of the research process by going through the 5 steps of the research process! You will also learn how you can be involved in each step, so let’s get researching!

In Module 3 we are going to discuss:

  • What health is
  • What is the research process?
  • How to be involved in the research process with an activity

4. Download the Module 3 Workbook

Download: Module 3 Workbook
Fill this out as you work through Module 3 of READI! You can write down your answers, ideas, and thoughts in this workbook!

Ausderau, K. K. & Health Research Engagement Development Team. (n.d.). READI: Module Workbooks. A product of the ‘Research Engagement with People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities’ project (PCORI Eugene Washington Engagement Award #10029)