Welcome! We are excited for you to join us for the READI (Research Engagement and Advocacy for Diverse Individuals) curriculum. This a how-to guide for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities or IDD and their caregivers to understand and get involved in research as a participantresearcher, and consumer. We want to empower individuals with IDD and their communities to more fully participate in research by showing them how to get involved in research.  

 The READI curriculum includes four modules that cover different research topics, including what is health research, how to create a health story, the steps in the research process, and how to think like a researcher. Walso have a bonus workbook if you want to find research in your community! We have many research and advocacy materials for you. Let’s get researching!

Testimonials From READI Participants! 

Hear what some people with IDD have to say about their experience with READI! These individuals participated in a 4-day workshop that covers the four modules in READI. They learned what health research is and how they can be involved in health research. They were also given an opportunity to write their own health stories, allowing them to advocate for their needs and sharing things that are important to them! Play each video to hear what they thought of READI.

READI Citation

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