Health Research Engagement Toolkit

Health Research Engagement Toolkit

Welcome to our Health Research Engagement Toolkit! We are excited for you to join us and learn what health research is and how you can be involved! You are on our homepage, and you can click on these three boxes to learn more information about our Health Research Engagement Toolkit: 

  • READI (Research Engagement & Advocacy for Diverse Individuals) Curriculum.
  • Advocacy Research Tools
  • Advocacy Health Stories of People with Intellectual Disabilities

You can find a wide range of information through our toolkit! Do you want to learn more about health research and how to get involved as someone with an intellectual disability? Click on READI! Are you a researcher who is wondering how you can include people with intellectual disabilities in your research, or how you can make your research study more accessible for people with intellectual disabilities? Check out the Advocacy Research Tools page! Then check out our Advocacy Health Stories of People with IDD page if you want to learn more about health stories and how people use their health stories to advocate for themselves and their needs. 

Click on a Health Research Engagement ToolKit box to learn more about that section and have fun learning how you can get involved in health research as a researcher, participant, and consumer!

Happy Researching!

The Health Engagement Research project is funded through the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI). We thank our dedicated national network of stakeholders for their extended time, energy, and commitment to this project and to a vision of research inclusion.