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The Ausderau Lab’s Learning:

In our lab, all members are provided with opportunities that will challenge their interest, fulfilling their maximum potential. Students need to be organized, accountable, motivated, and have strong communication skills.

You will also need to have a background in writing papers before joining our lab. Our students learn how to utilize others’ research findings, develop advanced critical thinking, and both communicate and apply your research piece with the community.

While your research development will be supported by our lab team, you are expected to exhibit dedication for your research involvement. You will receive both positive feedback and feedback that will push for improvement. Our lab carries a safe space for growth, learning, and work for our lab members.

Our lab builds a supportive culture. All students are expected to collaborate together as a research team. Everyone needs to be a team player with an open mind, as well as treat each other with respect. Students who join our lab must welcome diversity – racial, cultural, religious, age, sex, gender, sexual orientation, and disability – as it is the vital component in advancing healthcare.

Available Opportunities in the Ausderau Lab

Interested in participating in our lab as an undergraduate student?

Undergraduate students who are interested to gain research experience are welcomed to join our lab! Students are responsible for general research tasks, including literature review, data collection, as well as cleaning and analyzing data. Every year, students are encouraged to present their work at the Annual Undergraduate Symposium showcase!

Undergraduates do not need to be on a pre-occupational therapy track. We invite all students to join our lab who carry a strong interest in collaborating on a team with a focus on improving healthcare for children and families.


If you have questions about our lab or would like to join, please contact our lab!

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