Bonus Module: Where can I find research in my community?

1. Watch This Video

2. What will you learn in this Module?

In the bonus module of READI, you will have the opportunity to gain more health research knowledge! With this bonus module, you will gain research knowledge, develop your research interests, and grow confidence in finding health research studies and information! Let’s get researching!

In the bonus module, we are going to discuss three lessons:
• Lesson 1: How to find research near you
• Lesson 2: How to find research events in your community
• Lesson 3: Research tips to find research opportunities

4. Download the Bonus Module Workbook

  • Download: Bonus Module Workbook
    Fill this out as you work through the Bonus Module of READI! You can write down your answers, ideas, and thoughts in this workbook!

Ausderau, K. K. & Health Research Engagement Development Team. (n.d.). READI: Module Workbooks. A product of the ‘Research Engagement with People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities’ project (PCORI Eugene Washington Engagement Award #10029)