Students Supporting Students: UW-Madison’s Occupational Therapy Student Collaborative Learning with Parenting and Pregnant Adolescents in Madison

Last week, our Ausderau lab members had the opportunity to share the work that they do in the School Aged Parenting Program (SAPAR). They described the ongoing collaboration between SAPAR in Madison Metropolitan School District and the University of Wisconsin Occupational Therapy Program.
Dr. Karla Ausderau, Allie Korbel, Yasmeena Ougayour, Libby Hladik, and a community partner, Jessie Loeb, shared the incredible impact to both programs through the sustainable partnership.
You can find the session right here! Learn what needs are identified for pregnant and parenting adolescents in Madison within the SAPAR program, as well as how occupational therapy students are growing to be future community-based practitioners!