Recruiting For Our Feeding Intervention Study!

We are so excited to be recruiting once again for our feeding intervention study! We are seeking families to join our Autism and Feeding Challenges: Parent-Mediated Intervention Study this fall/winter!
We are piloting an intervention that would attempt to address your child’s specific feeding challenges primarily in your home. We are looking for Parents of a child, ages 2-7 years, with a current Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) diagnosis and feeding problems. The parent must live in the same household with the child at least 50% of the time, speak English, and live in Wisconsin.
To reduce the risk of COVID-19 exposure, intervention visits will primarily be completed through video calls and occasionally at the Waisman Center. Once COVID-19 exposure risks are minimal, intervention visits may take place in your home environment. You as a primary caregiver would participate in training sessions and delivering the intervention to your child in your home during mealtime and snacks over six months.
In appreciation, you will receive $100 for completing the research study. If you withdraw from the study, you will receive $50.00. To learn more email your questions to or click our sign up button to learn more.