Easy Read Article Summaries: Let’s Make Research Accessible!

What are Easy Read Article Summaries? The Easy Read Article Summary is a tool that was developed through stakeholder collaboration in our research lab. The goal of the summary is to make research articles easy to understand. Did you know that right now it takes 17 years for new research to become common clinical practice? Any way that we are able to make research more accessible for people to use is important.


The Easy Read Article Summary is a great tool that breaks down the important parts of a research article.

(1) What is the article title and who are the authors? It is important to list out the title of the article and all of the authors on the article at the top so it is easy to see.

(2) What are the key points? This section allows the reader to see the most important parts of the article in a quick bulleted list.

(3) What are important terms in the glossary? The glossary allows the author to provide important definitions that make the article easier to understand.

(4) Many articles list out their purpose statement or why this article matters. This statement can be helpful for explicitly showing  how this article contributes to the research on the topic.

(5) The research question is then listed out before describing important results. The final section talks about the implications of the findings, or how the results will be used.


The Easy Read Article Summary is one way to make research more accessible and easy to access. For more information on the Easy Read Article Summary or to see some past examples, click here.